The Network

After going to the same college for four years and moving to the same city after college, we all decided to meet and become friends by playing RPGs together. After listening to several actual play podcasts we thought, "Hey! We can do that." And so we did.

The Voices
Zack Balgeman (He/Him)

Zack is the instagator of the group who convinced his friends to start playing pathfinder with him soon after they met. He likes to 3D orint things and paint minis that he will never use in a game. He also has an ever growing reading list and a large catalog of unplayed video games.  He likes reading good fantasy and plays a bunch of different video games. 


Zack is currently the Master of Ceremonies for Naptown Chronicles and Sullivan Bractal in Outlaws Wanted, Previously, he was the Dungeon Master for Voyage of Vagabonds and the voice of Aleki in Crystal Heart. Additionally, he can often be heard on the Gamer Noob episodes and on the Wandering Gamer Network's YouTube channel doing Let's Plays.

Caitlin Balgeman (She/Her)

Caitlin is a more recent player of RPGs. She started after college, and managed not to be scared off by Cody, Mandi, and Vinnie. She loves reading and talking about books. Her main contribution to the group outside of recording is giving everyone, but mostly Cody, lots of sass.

Caitlin is currently the voice of Faye Cameron in Naptown Chronicles and Jila Mavek in Outlaws Wanted. Her musical talents can be heard in the Crystal Heart Actual Plays. She was the Game Master for Live from the Night Owl, played Nyx Trueshoot in Voyage of Vagabonds, and is occasionally on Gamer Noob and Wandering Gamer Network's YouTube channel doing Let's Plays.

Currently Caitlin voices Faye on Naptown Chronicles and Jila on Outlaws Wanted.

Vincent Killion (He/Him)

Vincent, frequently referred to as Vinnie, is the old man of the group. He is 2-3 years older than everyone else, and they make sure he remembers it. He and Cody were in the same fraternity in college and were involved in many of the same activities including Pep Band and the Robotics team. He met Mandi through Cody and met Zack and Caitlin after college. Vincent enjoys reading (mostly science fiction and fantasy), video games (especially JRPGs), board games, anime, and playing his mellophone to cheer on his local soccer team. Vincent is also a proud cat dad to two beautiful black cats, Severus and Buckminster.


Vincent is currently the voice of Seamus Finnegan in Naptown Chronicles and Malcom Llewellyn in Outlaws Wanted. He previously voiced Dain Farwalker in Voyage of Vagabonds, Reizo Matsuno in Crystal Heart, BAXTR in Live From the Night Owl and Chip McGuire in Phoenix Investigations. Vincent is also involved in the Wandering Gamer Network's YouTube channel doing Let's Plays.

Cody Johnson (He/Him)

Cody has been playing Dungeons and Dragons wrong since he was a teenager.  He started loving tabletop RPGs when a stoner that he worked with let him borrow some 2nd edition books. Fortunately for Cody, the first people he played with had never played DnD, so they could not fact check what he claimed the rules were.  But since then, Cody has been obsessed with creating clunky narratives and obtuse characters. Aside from tabletop RPGs, Cody enjoys cooking, tables, video games, Dark Souls, complaining about Game of Thrones, complaining in general, audiobooks, and hording snippets of wire.


Currently Cody voices Dectective Tanner on Naptown Chronicles and GMs Outlaws Wanted.

Mandi Johnson (She/Her)

Mandi started playing DnD in college when she found out it is a great excuse to be a Theater Nerd. Since then Mandi has enjoyed creating interesting characters and planning the occasional game. Even though Mandi did not start playing DnD until college, before that she was still a total nerd that loved series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Aside from tabletop, Mandi loves Disney, planning all the things, Pokemon Sun, Lego Games, vlogging, editing, Star Wars, and drawing cute pictures of our characters.

Currently Mandi voices Darling on Naptown Chronicles and Vika on Outlaws Wanted.